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Create a custom referral program in minutes.

Runs automatically. Integrates with your POS.
Tracks your success.

There’s a reason the biggest companies in the world use referral programs. They work. After all, what’s better than your customers telling their friends and family about you? But creating and managing a referral program for brick and mortar businesses is tough. GrowThat makes it easy. Create a custom referral program in minutes. It runs itself, so just tell your customers about it, and watch your business grow.


Choose what you’ll give new customers who try you out.


Pick a reward for customers who refer their friends to you.


Then choose how many friends they need to refer to get it.

Real businesses.
Real results.

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We small businesses.

In a world of online interactions, you provide places of human connection. You’re not the sexy new “startups” we read about, and you’ll never “go public”. But you provide services we actually want (and need): a great cup of coffee, a meal with people we love, or a fresh haircut to look our best. Our mission at GrowThat is to help you thrive and grow in an ever-changing world. We do that by building technology that’s in your corner. You keep doing what you do, and we’ll be here to help you grow.

Grow your business the (new) old-fashioned way.

Call us old-fashioned, but we think word of mouth is the best form of marketing. And for many businesses, it’s actually the cheapest way to gain new customers. GrowThat lets your customers refer their friends with their phones. They send their friends your free offer, friends redeem it with the tap of a button, and you gain new customers. Win, win, win.

Launch your referral program in minutes!